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Asian Beauties  (Orientbrides) reviewAsianBeauties provides limitless dating services that help single Asian beauties and single men from Europe and USA to find each other. At Asian Beauties men from all across the glob can meet women from Asia for romantic relationships and life-long marriage. At this dating site users are provided lots of helpful dating services: Email correspondence system, advanced search engine, phone introduction service, live chart, flowers and gifts, etc. Also members are not charged with membership fee, there is a unique system of credits. Language barrier is also not an obstacle for your feelings, because AsianBeauties offers its members the service of a first class Correspondence and Phone translator. So if you dream about beautiful Eastern lady join Asian Beauties and enjoy international dating.
Data base: over 30,000 active members.
Geographic Regions covered: Worldwide. AsianBeauties is an International dating site launched to connect Asian women with Western men.

At AsianBeauties users can create a Personal Profile, search for soul mate with advanced Search Forms, communicate with Eastern ladies with the help of Email System, use Life Chart and Phone Introduction Service, send Flowers and Gifts to your date and invite her on Romance Tour.

Special features
Members can get additional bonus credits for usage Life Chat during 3 ‘Happy Hours’ (1am-4am EST USA, 6am-9am GMT UK and 7pm-10pm ACDT Australia)

Search engine
At AsianBeauties users can search for potential dates using numerous parameters: Her Age, Country, Height, Weight, Children, English Speaking Skills, Hair Color, Smoking, etc. Advanced search makes it available to Sort Results by Age, Latest Entries, Beautiful Ladies, Show Ladies with Videos, Who are Online, Who have Birthdays Soon. Also members can search for matches by ID.

At Asian Beauties you can sign up for Trial Membership that provides users with dating services free of charge and with no obligation. You can brows ladies profiles also free but if you want to read and write messages to women or view videos you need Credits, which are standard units at

At Asian Beauties Ladies can register for free
Trial Membership – FREE!!!
At AsianBeauties there are no membership fees, instead of it they have special units ‘credits’, which can be purchased by going to My Account.
20 Credits – $16.00
40 Credits – $30.00 (6% discount)*
80 Credits – $56.00 (12% discount)*
160 Credits – $96.00 (25% discount)*
320 credits – $185.00 (28% discount)*
500 Credits – $249.00 (38% discount)*
1000 Credits – $399.00 (50% discount)*
*Discounts are rounded to nearest whole number.

Payment methods
AsianBeauties services can be paid with Credit Cards (such as Visa, American Express, Master Card), Discover Credit, Debit Cards or through Customer Service.

Accepted Currencies: $US

Language: English.

Co-brand sites:

Customer support
If you have questions or some problems you can search for answers in FAQ section or contact Customer Support Service.

Working experience: AsianBeauties was founded in 2001.

CLICK HERE to register at ASIAN BEAUTIES >>>

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Rating: 6.3/10 (4 votes cast)
Asian Beauties, 6.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Joe says:

    This Asian Beauties ( website requires that you purchase expensive credits. You must pay 10 credits to open/read every letter, and pay 10 credits to respond to every letter. 10 credits = about $5.00, or more!

    If you continue correspondence with female members, you continue paying $5 (or higher) for every read/respond letter. ($5+$5=$10) You never stop paying the Russians who operate this website.

    When Asian female sends letter with extra pictures attached, AB website permits you look at 1st pic free, then PAY 10 credits to open/view each additional picture.

    If you try to insert your direct email, or personal address into your letter, the AB website has computer software which censors/blocks personal information. AB does not want you to exchange email/phone/address with the female members, because you are not allowed to communicate with the girls off the AB website.

    When you ask for their personal email/address/phone, the girls will not
    provide it, and you will be told excuses, that they wish to communicate with you only on AB, where, of course, you keep paying credits to the Russian administrators.

    In addition, the local Chinese translators may very well not provide/transfer your personal data/information to the girl when they do English–Chinese translation so the female may read your comments.

    On the video/chat box online, you must pay 1 credit per minute just to send
    a text message with no cam. Or, you pay 2 credits per minute to see girl on cam. Credits cost between 40 to 80 cents determined by how many you buy in bulk in one transaction. One hour = 60 minutes X 40/80 cents = $24 to $48 per hour for text box, or $48 to $96 per hour for girl on web cam.

    (All the Anastasia websites for Russian/Ukrainian/Asian, and AmoLatina websites operate on these same PAY always policies.)

    ONLINE, you type message, PAY, transmit message, PAY, girl reads message, PAY, girl thinks response, PAY, girl types, PAY, girl transmits, PAY, you receive/read, PAY, and keep on.PAYING every minute. You burn through your bank account, and Russian administrators go to luxurious nightclub and eat caviar/drink expensive vodka thanks to you!

    On scam report websites, some former AB male members report spending $$$ hundreds, even $3,000 worth of credits, and never make progress with these female members toward a serious relationship.

    On Asian Beauties, my personal profile received several hundred letters from pretty Chinese females. I couldn’t open/read them, because AB would charge thousands of dollars to do it, and thousands of dollars to respond to these nice women.

    Two Chinese women claimed to have wealthy daddies, to be affluent, and offered to come to USA, buy me a house/car if I’d be their husband!! Wow!, I was getting ready to write them a letter of interest, inviting them to make the trip here at their expense. And I reviewed the profile of a stunning Chinese girl who said she was here in Los Angeles. We exchanged 1 letter.

    Then I noticed that I stopped receiving email from AB website, or notifications of new letters. I tried to log in, and was rejected. Tried to call their Customer Support with difficulty, sometimes on hold for 1 hour. Then I talked with Christina, Customer Support Manager in Russia. She was unable to provide explanation for why Ruslan, the ‘Risk Manager,’ deleted my account. I wanted to talk to Ruslan over telephone, but he was never available, and didn’t telephone me later even though Christina promised he would.

    Instead, Ruslan transmitted multiple emails asking me to photocopy both sides of my credit card, the back/front, and photocopy my personal ID, which could mean passport or state ID, and send both to him via email or fax to prove who I was!

    What? Does this sound like an attempt to rip off my Identity, and tap my Credit Card until wiped out? Bank of America Customer Care and I both thought it did, and I certainly wasn’t foolish enough to comply with Ruslan’s request.

    Now that Ruslan deleted my membership, I’ll never find out if those Chinese girls were serious, or bluffing, about buying me a new house!! And Ruslan and Christina never explained why I was dropped. My suspicion is that I wasn’t spending enough money, not responding to the hundreds of letters. Some AB girls wrote me eight or nine letters trying to prompt a response from me.

    So maybe AB drops frugal male members who are reluctant to blow big $$$, and spend just a small amount, and are highly selective in answering the females.
    I just don’t know, but I really wanted one of those rich Chinese girls to buy me a Beverly Hills mansion, and now I have to keep living in my tiny apartment instead!!

    Sincerely, JOE Duffy
    Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California

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  2. paul says:

    the site is a fake site, i spend nearly two month on the site. i have spend close to two thousands dollar, in two month i have befriend a few of the girls on the web site and still are, and continued the friendship with them outside the site now. and most of them no longer work for the site anymore. the truth is that they all are just translator which the site hired working in many different location through China. they call it satellite office, and each office has about 15 translator and each is responsible up to 5 girls which they represent. if you pay attention you will notice the girls always online the same time everyday, like a time clock, punch in and punch out same time. also you will notice they respond to you very slow when you chat with them, and they will always tell you their internet is slow. which is a lie, it’s because sometimes they are having conversation with five different guys at the same time. and also because you are getting charge by the minutes, so they will try to keep you on as long as they can. i do feel sorry for the girls who work for the site, they work ten hours day and most of them works everyday. and they only getting pay so little, less than 500 us dollars a month. most of them are real good hearted girls. but be very aware the site is fake.

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