– a new local dating site in Malta

Dating site in, a new local dating site, was recently launched in Malta. The new dating site – – allows users to mingle in a playful and refreshing manner.

Currently aimed towards locals and people living in Malta, it surpasses the average dating site by engaging internet dating in a different way. Carobtreelane makes it possible for users to interact with each other according to personal interests and does so in a fun and relaxed setting. Renewing the original idea of internet dating, the growing website uses a map with virtual locations that can be added to a person’s favourite place-to-be. By knowing these preferred virtual venues of other users, the website makes it easy to recognise people’s personal preferences, simplifying the matchmaking process. has an easily accessible interface, which allows users to start interacting with other people within minutes. It is created to be entirely compatible with multiple browsers and can run on any platform, including smartphones and tablets.

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