Christian dating for teens! Want to succeed? 10 useful tips will help!

Christian dating for teensIf you are entering into the world of Christian dating, you might find that you don’t really know what you are doing, or that you are frightened of what the outcomes might be. This is a normal fear; everyone who starts dating feels this way at one point or another. The trick is figuring out how to control this fear and to not let it control you and who you are as a person. There are ten basic tips that you should keep in mind when you are Christian dating.

First of all, keep your mind open to other possibilities. Don’t settle for the first person that comes your way, and don’ t think that just because you’ve had coffee with them this means you should marry them. It might happen that you fall for your first date, but don’t limit yourself to being with the first person you go out with.
Secondly, don’t assume that just because they say they are Christian they believe the same way that you do. Discuss beliefs and make sure that both of you have the same feelings about issues that are very important. Remember that the Christian dating scene can incorporate people with all different kinds of beliefs. Make sure that yours matches before you go father.
Thirdly, remember not to date someone who wants you to change who you are. This is important in all aspects of dating. Someone who decides that you are not good enough and must change is not incorporating the true Christian values and you shouldn’t date them.
Fourth, listen to your friends and family. Sometimes when you start to date someone you might not recognize certain things about them or behaviors about them. If your friends and family don’t like someone, there is probably a reason. Ask them to explain what they don’t like about the person you are dating to you, and be sure that you listen to them.
Fifth, don’t date someone who asks you to do something that is against any of your beliefs. This should be a rule in all dating, but in Christian dating it is very important because your beliefs should be at the basis of your dating life, and they shouldn’t be compromised for anyone.
Sixth, be sure that you know the person and their friends and family well before you begin to date someone seriously. Their friends and family compromise a lot about who they are, and you should know them before you are seriously involved with someone. If your date won’t introduce you to their friends or family, keep your eye out because something might be wrong.
Seventh, be sure that you are always honest with your Christian dating. Never tell a lie and be sure that you know they are being honest as well. Honesty is the basis of any good relationship, and it should be the basis of all of your Christian dating.
Eighth, talk about things with your Christian date. Ask them how they feel about certain issues and have a conversation. Remember that if it is an issue that isn’t the most important thing in your life, you don’t always need to agree on everything, but you do need to be able to talk about it between yourselves, even if you have different viewpoints.
Ninth, discuss things like sex and marriage before you get to the point where it becomes an issue. Make your date aware of your personal beliefs and leave it at that. If someone won’t date you because of a way you personally believe, you probably aren’t going to want to be with that person for the long term.
And finally, have fun! Remember that Christian dating is something that should be the beginning of a great phase in your life. Enjoy yourself and allow yourself to have fun with your dates. This time in your life is all about exploring who you are in the presence of others.

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