is Now Free in India a leading online dating website a leading online dating website with more than 10 million members worldwide, is now free in India. With thousands of local Hindu singles flocking to looking for their love match, the free online dating site quickly responded by providing complete site access to the Country's lovelorn.
"In India, there is a long standing culture of matrimony which is similar in nature to online dating," said CEO Meir Strahlberg. "We've found that the new generation, which is wired and technologically advanced, is embracing online dating as opposed to working with matchmakers.

By offering as a free service, thousands of local Hindu singles will be able to take control over their own love lives to find a date or a relationship that could ultimately result in a love marriage."
With matrimonial search one of the top-10 online activities among Internet users in India, free access to will be well received by India's singles. And, as the global recession continues to impact spending, India's estimated 15 million online dating users can spend their Rupee's going out on actual dates as opposed to searching for one.
Beginning today, new members in India can join the site and automatically have access to's vast features. In addition to filling out personal profiles, members can also correspond with other singles via e-mail, perform basic and advanced searches, online flirt with potential dates, have access to's array of relationship and Hindu dating advice, and participate in relationship polls and surveys.

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