Dating a Cancer

If you are dating a Cancer

Cancer is the caretaker of the zodiac. And while this sign is usually found attending to the needs of others, Moon Children secretly want to be on the receiving end of tender loving care. Go ahead and grant this wish by treating your favorite Crab to a day at the spa. It’s a great way to win Cancer’s everlasting devotion.

If you’re in a committed relationship with a Cancer, rekindle your romance with a trip to a flea market, antique fair, or estate sale. This sign loves being surrounded by things from bygone days. Moon Children also can’t resist a good bargain. If your lover is lucky enough to pick up some rare and collectable trinket, you can be sure their bliss will carry over into the bedroom!

Cancer Star Sign Compatibility

CANCER-ARIES : Compatibility horoscope Cancer foresees a sharp contrast between an adventurous nature of Aries and a more traditional behavior of Cancer. But a strong sexual desire is most probable in the beginning. However, Aries may provoke a dark jealousy of Cancer.  And Cancer is likely to get hurt by a loose tongue of Aries. At the same time Aries can’t stand proprietor inclinations of Cancer. The relationship is going to be hard and marriage is unhappy.

CANCER- TAURUS : Cancer brings sensuality and imagination to this union. Both are passionate and are not interested in small romances outside the relationship, as they are pleased with each other. Taurus is able to feel the changes in spirit of Cancer and can solve problems if they appear. Taurus is careful, while Cancer is responsive to care. Compatibility horoscope Cancer shows that mutual understanding will help to establish a happy relationship or a lucky marriage.

CANCER – GEMINI : Timid Cancer will loose his usual self-confidence in communication with unfaithful, always flirting and seeking for pleasure Gemini. Uncontrolled sexual energy of Gemini will be a problem for Cancer and will provoke quarrels.  Cancer will be very jealous and will try to calm down Gemini, but will only raise indignation of his partner. This is a very emotional liaison and long-term relationship is possible despite the difference of temperaments.

CANCER – CANCER : They are too similar to be happy together. Both are extremely sensitive that cause emotional problems. Both want to play a leading role in sexual relationship and this provokes quarrels and criticizing. However, they are physically attractive to each other, and a romance may be quite emotional and passionate in the beginning. Compatibility horoscope Cancer doesn’t deny the possibility of a happy marriage, but it will require much effort from both sides.

CANCER – LEO : Leo is able to cheer up Cancer. Leo is generous for affection and that makes changeable Cancer feel confident. From the other hand, Leo needs flattery and admiration, especially what concerns sex and he must dominate at all costs. If Cancer is ready to help his partner in establishing a healthy relationship, it is going to be quite passionate and may end by a happy marriage.

CANCER – VIRGO : Virgo is practical by nature and plays a core role in this union. Cancer is more emotional than a reserved Virgo, but they are capable of mutual affection. Besides, they are compatible sexually. The problem is that they are both shy and should take all possible steps to cheer up each other. Compatibility horoscope Cancer promises a fine liaison and a fairly good marriage.

CANCER- LIBRA : It’s difficult for faithful Libra to deal with changeable temperament of Cancer. Cancer feels worried and not so self-confident beside an affectionate Libra. Libra tries to avoid troubles. If Cancer is offended somehow, he’ll be hard to get along with. When Libra starts looking for some romance outside their liaison, the relationship is finished. The infatuation is possible, but a marriage is a risky one.

CANCER – SCORPIO : The power of Scorpio, his need to dominate and to protect his partner – this is what Cancer is looking for. Cancer is more sensitive in sex, while Scorpio is more passionate. However, Cancer is willing to give pleasure to his partner and that’s why many problems may be avoided in this sphere. Cancer is faithful to his beloved and there is no reason for Scorpio to feel terribly jealous. Love is lasting, and compatibility horoscope Cancer forecasts a wonderful marriage.

CANCER – SAGITTARIUS : They have opposite objectives and different wishes. Sagittarius is a wanderer and doesn’t like to be tied up by any sexual bounds. Cancer needs certainty in love that Sagittarius can’t provide. Cancer is living in the future. Sagittarius enjoys the present moment.  When Sagittarius will suddenly get bored and will start looking for new relations, Cancer will be badly hurt. Compatibility horoscope Cancer sees some vague perspectives of a stable union.

CANCER – CAPRICORN: Capricorn is not likely to provide an affection that Cancer needs, he has too many other interests. However there is a strong sexual drive between them. In bed everything will be gorgeous till Cancer gets bored by a practical and reserved Capricorn. The relationship is going to be unstable, and compatibility horoscope Cancer is not advising to get married.

CANCER – AQUARIUS : Lonely Aquarius will get a vulnerable Cancer into a fuss. Cancer is more open and stable than Aquarius, looking for new adventures and romances. Needs of Cancer may remain unsatisfied. Aquarius is inclined to free himself from emotional obligations. They will be able to get along in bed for some time, but according to compatibility horoscope Cancer, partnership in the living-room will fail.

CANCER – PISCES : This is a good couple when sex is concerned. Both are sympathetic, affectionate, help each other. Cancer is possible to be a leader, as Pisces are eccentric in love. Quarrels are short-lived and end quickly in bed.  Compatibility horoscope Cancer guaranties a good match day and night over a long or short time.

Cancer Romantic Match

Best harmony with: Scorpio and Pisces

Mutual help and support with: Taurus

You attract: Capricorn

You should avoid: Aries and Libra

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