Dating a Gemini

If you are dating a GEMINI

People-watching is a favorite sport of Gemini. If you’d like to capture this sign’s imagination, propose taking in a session of night court together. You’re sure to encounter some terrific characters there, making for great dinner conversation afterward. Take The Twins to an eatery that is bustling with activity, like a popular bistro or hip café. Gemini likes to be where the action is.

Want to turn up the heat on a committed relationship? Keep mum about your date plans, no matter how hard your lover begs and pleads. Slip a black silk blindfold over their eyes and then escort him or her to the bowling alley, miniature golf course, or karaoke bar. The more lighthearted the venue, the more fun you’ll have.

Gemini Star Sign Compatibility

GEMINI-ARIES : Both are vivid, optimistic and full of power. They enjoy the variety of sexual pleasures and are not likely to get bored in bed. Aries is capable of giving exact instructions to Gemini he has the need of. Aries is excited about capricious Gemini rather then irritated. Compatibility horoscope Gemini predicts a gorgeous short-term relationship with good perspectives for a long-lasting alliance.  GEMINI- TAURUS : Jealous Taurus, possessive by nature, can’t stand a constant desire of Gemini to flirt. Gemini will try to escape from Taurus, who puts limits to their freedom. In sex Taurus is too ordinary for Gemini and Taurus lack security necessary for him. You are right, these signs are incompatible. Compatibility horoscope Gemini foresees an unlucky short romance as the most probable variant of these relations.

GEMINI-GEMINI : Union may be happy for both sides, but won’t prove to be stable in the long run. Physical attraction will disappear, and compatibility horoscope Gemini says that relations will result in chaos. Both signs are impulsive, inclined to flirt and easily get bored. A love is fierce, but marriage may turn to a catastrophe. In rare cases this match is possible and it will be the most exciting couple you’ve ever known.

GEMINI-CANCER : This union is dangerous. Cancer is extremely sensitive and shy to reveal his feelings. Gemini will play a love game and Cancer will take it seriously. Cancer needs approval, while Gemini may be too open-hearted. A difference in temperaments will be a source of constant problems in bed. The liaison will fade, marriage is unhappy.

GEMINI – LEO : Noble generous Leo will be a toy in the hands of Gemini – and will be pleased with it! Gemini are clever and diverse in a sexual game, and Leo will be admired by the behavior of his partner. Leo will let Gemini go their own way. This partnership is ideal.  Liaison will be splendid and admirable; a more durable relationship is quite probable.

GEMINI -VIRGO : Virgo will consider Gemini an immature lover. Gemini take Virgo for a bore. Virgo has certain notions of sexual behavior, while Gemini are always undecided. After the flame of passion has been burnt, Virgo will grumble and criticize Gemini, who will be looking for entertainment outside the relationship. A short, like a bright flash, romance won’t be long.

GEMINI – LIBRA : An attractive interesting couple. Both are passionate and will make love often. No one of them is jealous by nature; their temperaments will balance each other. Both like experiments concerning sex. The relationship will be pleasant for both of them, and marriage will be very happy.

GEMINI – SCORPIO : You are sexually compatible, but try to prove that physical attraction is not the most important thing. Scorpio is jealous. Gemini are unfaithful. Sometimes Scorpio is too aggressive and Gemini won’t stand it. After a passionate beginning relationship will cool down quickly and even may become inimical. A rare couple will be happy in marriage.

GEMINI – SAGITTARIUS : Both are restless, change their mind often and are not sincere as lovers. Gemini will be criticizing the behavior of Sagittarius in bed. There are other weak points in this relationship, but the strong point is that both are not exigent and don’t have intentions to limit one’s freedom. A relation will start suddenly and may suddenly end as well. Compatibility horoscope Gemini states that a happy marriage is possible, but it will require efforts from both sides.

GEMINI – CAPRICORN : Gemini love freedom and are extremely impatient for a conservative homebody Capricorn.  Something in sexual behavior of Gemini won’t definitely appeal to Capricorn. Capricorn is concerned about work, money, career that means not only physical needs. He thinks that Gemini plan too much. The relationship is possible, but a happy marriage will be a demonstration of all-triumphant love.

GEMINI – AQUARIUS : Sensitive Gemini understand and estimate fantasies of Aquarius. They are likely to be inventive lovers, looking for adventures. According to compatibility horoscope Gemini, the main characteristic of this relation is unexpectedness. Love relationship won’t go smoothly all the time, but may be fantastically inspiring and satisfying. After a break off they will be great friends. A marriage will most probably be a pleasant one, distinguished by deep affection rather then passion.

GEMINI – PISCES : Extraordinary sexual fantasies lie within this relation, but this couple rarely put them into life. Pisces are too emotional for Gemini, who enjoy a single moment and look for immediate pleasure. This creates an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust. A real affection may arise between them, but unstableness of relations will break this union.  Compatibility horoscope Gemini warns about a risky liaison and an unhappy marriage.

Gemini Romantic Match

Best harmony with: Libra and Aquarius

Mutual help and support with: Aries

You attract: Sagiuttarius

You should avoid: Virgo and Pisces

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