Dating a Leo

If you are dating a Leo

Leo expects the royal treatment every day of the year, but especially so on a special night out. Plan something alluring for your favorite Lion, whether it’s a hot air balloon ride at sunset or a horse and carriage ride through the park. The best way to impress this date is to demonstrate that you’ve put a little extra thought and effort into your outing.

Want to do something extra special for your committed Leo lover? Go someplace where he or she can strut their stuff and get oodles of ogling — like the ballet, symphony, or Oscar Awards. Don’t grumble if you have to wear a tuxedo or evening gown. Act like you’re Leo’s most precious accessory and you can’t go wrong on this date.

Leo Star Sign Compatibility

LEO – ARIES : This is a good match, because both are much concerned about sex. Both are eccentric and passionate. But Aries is willing to dominate while Leo, in his turn, desires to rule over the relationship. This is how a sharp conflict arises. However, their physical compatibility is able to overcome these problems. A joyful union and a splendid marriage.

LEO – TAURUS : A romantic beginning may turn into a war. Both are extremely obstinate and a competition will appear to be explosive. A quite good sexual relationship is possible. But exalted Leo will irritate a calm even-tempered Taurus. Extravagant Leo will disapprove of avarice of Taurus. Compatibility horoscope Leo concedes the possibility of romance, but states that long lasting relations are not quite probable.

LEO – GEMINI : Gemini will be clever enough to appear charming to Leo all the time. Leo won’t stand adultery, as it blows up his king reputation. But amiable Gemini will settle down the problem. Leo will be infatuated with Gemini and will play a dominant role in this union, as he is stronger. Compatibility horoscope Leo promises a lovely relationship and a good marriage.

LEO – CANCER :  Leo is in a mood for accidental romance, while Cancer prefers serious relationship. Cancer is willing something more than simply sexual relationship; he wants to have a stable union and to be taken care of by his affectionate partner. Leo is ready to that if he gets a love of Cancer in return, and also some admiration from his side. If it doesn’t happen, they are not likely to understand each other and to make a good couple.

LEO – LEO : In bed, as everywhere, Leo thinks only of himself. The question is the following: will the two “I” succeed in becoming the one “we”? Well, kings and queens call themselves “we”, so why not? Both are extremely romantic and sexually compatible. But they should let each other “show off” a little and admire his partner. Naturally, it is not always possible, but when it works – Viva the king! Viva the queen!

LEO – VIRGO : Leo possesses higher sexuality than Virgo, and that may cause problems in the bedroom. King extravagance of Leo irritates conservative Virgo. Virgo doesn’t like when she is being manipulated, but this is what Leo wants! When Virgo criticizes her partner, Leo “snarls”. The relationship is likely to be very short. A marriage? You must be joking!

LEO – LIBRA : Leo’s sex approach is more physical and spontaneous by character than that of Libra. However, they can a have good time together, as Libra can also be passionate. Libra, who takes life simple, mustn’t forget that Leo needs to be admired and highly praised, especially in bed. Don’t be too frank and sincere. A little flattery won’t do any harm. As for Leo, he should take control of his spirits and behavior. In this case compatibility horoscope Leo predicts a healthy long-lasting relationship.

LEO – SCORPIO : Candles, luxury, sparkling wine in the bedroom. This may smooth over the existing problems. Jealousy of Scorpio offends Leo. Scorpio however lacks admiration and respect towards Leo, which is disastrous for this king sign. Scorpio wants to play the main role in relationship, while Leo also wishes to dominate. A lovely romance is possible, but compatibility horoscope Leo won’t recommend to get married.

LEO – SAGITTARIUS : Both like adventures and consider love as one of them. They are extraverts, passionate, and follow their sexual preferences without their partner being hurt. They make love often. Sagittarius stimulates Leo and is also devoted to him. Sagittarius has the greatest affection he is capable of towards Leo. The relationship is wonderful and compatibility horoscope Leo guaranties a happy marriage.

LEO – CAPRICORN : Practical Capricorn will hold in check expansive and optimistic nature of Leo. They are too different. Leo may loose his brightness in this relationship. Capricorn is not so romantic and full of love as Leo, but may turn out to be too exigent. Extravagancy of Leo irritates Capricorn. The liaison is possible, but marriage is not probable to be a lucky one.

LEO – AQUARIUS : Aquarius brings more color to sexual individuality of Leo and making love becomes more exiting. Leo is irritated that Aquarius is inclined to analyze everything. This influences self-esteem of Leo, who starts loosing his usual self-assurance about his great power of sovereign. Besides, unfaithfulness of Aquarius in bed gets on Leo’s nerves. A short romance is possible, but marriage is unreal, says compatibility horoscope Leo.

LEO – PISCES  : Active expansive Leo won’t get along with timid introvert Pisces. Leo is not trying to understand the behavior of Pisces in bed. Both are more inclined to get than to give. A magnetic infatuation in the beginning will finally lead to a break off. Pisces is a weaker sign and their lack of ambition worries Leo. When Pisces are in low spirits, pride of Leo prevents him from being sympathetic. The relationship is complicated and, according to compatibility horoscope Leo, marriage is most likely to be an unhappy one.

Leo Romantic Match

Best harmony with: Aries and Sagittarius

Mutual help and support with: Libra and Gemini

You attract: Aquarius

You should avoid: Taurus and Scorpio

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