Dating a Libra

If you are dating a Libra

Libra’s looking for a lover that embodies style and sophistication. If you’ve got good moves, show them off on the dance floor or on the ice rink. If you’re a klutz, rent a luxury car and go for a spin through the countryside. Be sure to wear something special on your date … Librans have a deep appreciation for stylish clothes that feature rich fabrics and flattering cuts.

If you’d like to pay tribute to a long-standing Libran lover, do it with jewelry. Monogrammed cufflinks or drop earrings are sure to make this sign’s eyes sparkle as brightly as diamonds. Choose something elegant and simple…Libras have the last word on good taste!

Libra Star Sign Compatibility

LIBRA – ARIES : Tension between these two signs aggravates the relation. Aries is persistent and tireless, while Libra is looking for perfection and needs more stable and calm partners. A radical difference in temperaments causes constant quarrels. However, sexual relations should go smoothly. Compatibility horoscope Libra foresees a lovely bed and a dull every day life. A relationship is quite possible, while marriage is most improbable.

LIBRA – TAURUS : Taurus is too materialistic for romantic Libra. Soon Taurus will suffer from strong jealousy. But physically they are a good match and that helps. Libra is reasonable, agreeable and can get along with persistent and arrogant Taurus. However, Libra is not always faithful to his partner, and Taurus may loose his temper because of that. Compatibility horoscope Libra mentions that this love game will bring much pleasure, but a more long union is counter-indicative.

LIBRA – GEMINI : It’s difficult for both of them to manage their passions. If love makes the earth go round, this couple gives the first incentive. It’s an ideal partnership. Both are passionate and neither of them is jealous or is trying to limit the freedom of the other. They have a lot of common traits of character and they understand each other perfectly in bed. This is a wonderful romance and a happy married couple.

LIBRA -CANCER : Cancer may be too criticizing, especially regarding extravagant Libra. Cancer is homebody, while Libra is keen on traveling. Cancer is practical and economical. Libra is impulsive and adores anything that can be bought in exchange for money. Sensitive and trusting Cancer will be offended by unfaithfulness and light-mindedness of Libra. Compatibility horoscope Libra speaks about an acceptable relationship and a rather bad marriage.

LIBRA – LEO : Both meet the requirements and desires of each other. Leo is passionate, Libra is emotional, and both are crazy about sex. All the time in bed will be a happy holiday. In case of a conflict Libra should give in. It won’t be any difficulty, as Libra is ready to cooperate. Ideological weapon of Libra is a good strategy and tact. A hot relationship may grow into a rather warm marriage.

LIBRA -VIRGO : Virgo lives according to strict rules, while Libra is quite a different person. Their characters are also incompatible in many other factors. Virgo is materialistic and more interested in money than in sex. Libra finds it inadmissible. Virgo may also be grumpy and boring with dictatorial inclinations. Libra won’t stand it and will be looking for approval outside. Compatibility horoscope Libra doubts about a successful relationship and forecasts a complicated marriage.

LIBRA – LIBRA : They are equally passionate to each other. They have much in common. Both are cheerful, easy-going, responsible, dependable, love harmony and beauty. But when a severe reality interferes, nobody wants to come down to earth. This love affair may be a bit ecstatic. A romantic relationship may exist, but marriage needs maturity and a more practical approach.

LIBRA – SCORPIO : Scorpio is too jealous for light-hearted Libra. He can’t stand even a small flirting. Libra is careless in sex and that makes Scorpio perplexed. Scorpio should dominate, while Libra should obey him. There is a deep attraction between them, but they may split up at any time. Compatibility horoscope Libra predicts a hot and fierce relationship and marriage.

LIBRA – SAGITTARIUS : Sagittarius loves adventures, so Libra won’t ever get bored with him. Sagittarius will be indifferent to some small romances of Libra. They match each other in sex. The problem is that Sagittarius has a bent for change and independence. Libra needs a stable partner and a warm house atmosphere. If they manage to overcome these differences, there is a chance of a short or a long-lasting relationship.

LIBRA – CAPRICORN : Capricorn experiences a strong physical desire towards Libra. Besides, his willing to earn money appeals to Libra. But Libra is lazy and that irritates Capricorn, who got used to working without rest. Capricorn is sensibly practical and that grates upon Libra. However, Capricorn won’t approve of Libra, always eager to move in society. They are too much incompatible to be happy together. The relationship will end rapidly.

LIBRA – AQUARIUS : It must be a brilliant match. In this life full of adventures Libra is waiting for guidance and advice from Aquarius. Both adore socializing and taking part in public affairs. They have lots of friends, but don’t forget about their private interests. They will have the greatest time of love, even before reaching the bedroom.  Compatibility horoscope Libra promises a sensitive relationship and a good marriage.

LIBRA – PISCES : A difficult combination. Kindness, sensitiveness and faithfulness of Pisces appeal to Libra. But Pisces are not eager to dominate, while Libra is not ready to play the leading role in the relationship. Libra gets tired of the desire of Pisces to rely upon somebody. Pisces doesn’t approve of a wide range of interests peculiar to Libra. If Libra becomes quarrelsome, Pisces lose heart. Are you upset? Yes, you are, probably. And this is how a serious relationship and a marriage will look like.

Libra Romantic Match

Best harmony with: Aquarius and Gemini

Mutual help and support with: Leo and Sagittarius

You attract: Aries

You should avoid: Cancer and Capricorn

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