Dating a Pisces

If you are dating a Pisces

Pisces and romance go together like strawberries and cream. If you’d like to treat this sign to a night they’ll never forget, take a yoga class together. Yoga is a great way to open the mind and heart to the possibility of love. Alternately, you can invite your favorite Fish over for a romantic movie and dessert. Making chocolate fondue together can be very conducive to kissing and cuddling.

Pisces Star Sign Compatibility

PISCES – ARIES : Dynamic Aries explores the potential of Pisces in bed. Aries is surely dominating, but this is exactly what Pisces want. This couple has to be tactful to communicate in other fields. Pisces are too sensitive to criticism, and Aries is sometimes brusque and rough. If they manage to overcome the existing differences, they will enjoy a long-lasting stable relationship.

PISCES – TAURUS : Both are sensitive, but extremely sensitive Pisces need special care and attention, which an abrupt materialist Taurus is not always ready to provide. Much more sentimental and emotional, Pisces will be hurt, if they are treated too commonly. If these problems are overcome, it’ll be a wonderful couple. Compatibility horoscope Pisces promises a passionate romance and a satisfying marriage.

PISCES – GEMINI : Two unstable signs, they are not the best combination in sex. A strong physical desire may arise, but Gemini are too changeable and Pisces are too sensitive to be happy together for a long time. Inattention of Gemini will irritate Pisces. Both are too egoistic to make attempts to adjust to each other’s behavior. They both need more strong and powerful partners.    Compatibility horoscope Pisces foresees a short and passionate relation and a quiet marriage.

PISCES – CANCER : Cancer may prove to be an exigent lover, but Pisces have nothing against it. They make no secret of their extreme sexuality and may spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Cancer plays the leading role and takes the main responsible decisions. Despite a number of quarrels, they generally meet emotional needs of each other and are mutually concerned about feelings. This is a splendid match.

PISCES – LEO : Fire and water don’t mix. Lacking self-control Leo will be disappointed with reserve of Pisces, even in bed. No one understands the other side in full. Sentimental Pisces will irritate Leo, and he will start looking for new adventures. Pisces stay at home with uneasy thoughts, while Leo is strolling about abroad. The relationship will be difficult and marriage won’t bring satisfaction.

PISCES – VIRGO : Extremely sensitive Pisces won’t be satisfied with a reserved Virgo. Virgo turns down excessive sexual desire of Pisces, becomes too criticizing and pedantic. There are also other problems. Practical logical Virgo won’t put up with extravagant tastes of Pisces and their extreme emotionality. Virgo plans everything, while Pisces act impulsively and change their mind quickly. Compatibility horoscope Pisces predicts that the relation will provoke many conflicts, and marriage will be deprived of joy and happiness. 

PISCES – LIBRA : There will be difficulties in some aspects of relationship for the exception of physical side. However, even if you manage to overcome these problems, there is little chance of growing something real and worthy. Libra won’t provide leadership necessary for Pisces. Both like luxury, but no one wants to work to get it. You will be disappointed with the relation, and marriage will most probably be a failure.

PISCES – SCORPIO : You will enjoy being together in a strong stable union. Physical side is satisfied. These two signs complement each other as lovers; the power of Scorpio supports Pisces in all the fields. Pisces won’t provoke jealousy of Scorpio, and his possessive instincts will be fully satisfied. Both easily get aroused and boost a sexual drive. This is a splendid relationship, and compatibility horoscope Pisces advises to get married as soon as possible.

PISCES – SAGITTARIUS : They may have some pleasant erotic moments, but Sagittarius is too independent and businesslike, and Pisces feel it and become even more burdensome for the partner. Listless behavior of Pisces in the night of passion bores active Sagittarius, who is always looking for something new. Sagittarius can’t resist a strange desire to mock at sentimentalism of Pisces. The relation will break up just at the very beginning. A marriage would have been a catastrophe.

PISCES – CAPRICORN : This is a good match, especially when sex is concerned. They may be having huge problems and misunderstand each other, but they are clever enough to find the right decision. A strong powerful Capricorn knows how to make Pisces feel desired and secured. Pisces, in their turn, bring romantic colors into a sound emotional life of Capricorn. They complement each other by their differences, and that’s why compatibility horoscope Pisces is sure about a splendid relationship and marriage.

PISCES -AQUARIUS : They may consider each other attractive sexually, as they are both inventive in love. However individualism and subjectivity of Pisces don’t have much in common with communicative and open-hearted Aquarius. Independent and determined Aquarius won’t loose his time to support Pisces and to strengthen their self-respect. Aquarius is logical in settling down all the problems. Pisces try to find an emotional answer to all the questions and soon will be hard up to say anything. The relation will be ruined.

PISCES – PISCES : Mutual sympathy guaranties a wonderful understanding in sex. If their problems disappear in the ocean of physical attraction and desire, it’ll be one of the best couples of the Zodiac. But they may exhaust each other by emotional claims. It’s a very sexual relation. A marriage will be characterized by illicit and vicious sex relations.

Pisces Romantic Match

Best harmony with: Cancer and Scorpio

Mutual help and support with: Capricorn and Taurus

You attract: Virgo

You should avoid: Sagittarius and Gemini

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