Dating a Scorpio

If you are dating a Scorpio

Scorpio doesn’t mess around when it comes to love. If you’re planning to ask out this sign, propose a place that is conducive to deep conversation. Reserve a corner table at a candlelit restaurant that plays soft, sensual jazz. Have three or four probing questions ready, like “If you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one book you would take?” or “Which has a bigger influence on you: friends or family?” The more thought-provoking your queries, the better your date will go.

In the event you’re in a long-term relationship with a Scorpio, rekindle the flames of passion with the gift of lingerie. This sign is also fond of bedroom toys of all shapes and sizes. Scorpions like water sports, so a scented bubble bath is also a good way to boil up some steamy romance.

Scorpio Star Sign Compatibility

SCORPIO – ARIES: A very unstable combination. Aries loves innovations in sex, and Scorpio will take part in it with great pleasure. But Aries loves freedom, Scorpio is jealous. Both are egoistic, dynamic and ambitious. A strong mutual attraction may arise, but their individualism will set them apart. Compatibility horoscope Scorpio foresees a short romance or an unsmooth long-lasting relationship.

SCORPIO – ТAURUS: Both have a desire to satisfy each other in bed. But their differences will, however, reveal themselves in day light. Scorpio is against laziness and he is greedy. Taurus likes to spend money he earns. Both are proud, stubborn and wish to dominate.  Their high sexuality enables them to have a passionate relationship, but marriage existence is rather doubtful.

SCORPIO – GEMINI: They are compatible sexually, but this is far from being all. Their conscious and serious attitude towards relationship is essential.  Gemini take all too simple for a persistent Scorpio. Scorpio is firm of purpose, Gemini change their mind and hesitate constantly. Gemini are witty and show their intellect when there is any good opportunity. Scorpio considers these actions to be a complete waste of time. The relationship will be unstable, and marriage will also be a difficult experience.

SCORPIO – CANCER: These two water signs get on well. Compatibility horoscope Scorpio gives a positive prognosis for sexual relations. Passion of Scorpio finds a response in Cancer. Physical compatibility helps to calm down conflicts, caused by jealousy of both partners. If such outbreaks arise, you can’t ignore them. The harmonious union of power and patronage is most probable.  This is a good relationship and a splendid marriage.

SCORPIO – LEO: Both are extremely hot-tempered, and sharp conflicts may give rise to use of violence. Passion is the ruling body in this union. They are physically attractive to each other, but Scorpio doesn’t show the necessary respect and attention to Leo. Leo’s pride is concerned, that’s why he won’t stand Scorpio being jealous and dominating. Compatibility horoscope Scorpio assumes that a pleasant relationship is possible, but a marriage will be an unlucky one.

SCORPIO – VIRGO: The interests are the same in many fields, but this doesn’t refer to sex. It’s difficult for them to grow a good relationship. Virgo may be too criticizing. Scorpio is sometimes abruptly frank. If Virgo manages to change her behavior to deal with her brusque partner, there is a chance of some romance between them. But this will be a short emotional intimacy, after which Scorpio will move on looking for new partners.

SCORPIO – LIBRA: Scorpio is too jealous and is willing to control the relationship. Libra is too lazy and sensitive for Scorpio. However, both are passionate, but Libra has a changeable mind sometimes.  They understand perfectly well their responsibilities in the union. The only problem is a bent for luxury that Libra has, and that Scorpio may be unable to provide. Compatibility horoscope Scorpio forecasts frequent storms throughout the relation. Marriage won’t also be completely calm.

SCORPIO – SCORPIO: As for sexual life of this couple, they are capable of lighting up a fire even under water. But they are too similar to be happy together. Both are determined, dominating, jealous and have terrible character. If they differ in something, this difference sets them apart and their relations show the signs of breaking up. The mutual desire in the beginning won’t keep on being strong outside the warm bedroom. Relationship… wow! Marriage… alas!

SCORPIO – SAGITTARIUS: Don’t give them expensive presents for a house-warning. Scorpio adores his house, but Sagittarius loves freedom and his suitcase is always ready to set away together with him. Scorpio wishes to take the entire control of the relationship and he demands too much. Even a sense of humor that Sagittarius has won’t be able to make the relation go smoothly. The mutual attraction is due to sex and can’t be strong for a long time. It may be a one night stay, but not for the whole life.

SCORPIO – CAPRICORN: Both are persistent, ambitious and are compatible sexually. You are not going to have serious problems. Scorpio is more emotional and is in harmony with a reserved Capricorn. Capricorn appreciates stability, which Scorpio can provide by being persistent in his desire to possess his partner. Scorpio is not looking for sentimentality in sex, and Capricorn has nothing against. Compatibility horoscope Scorpio foresees a successful relationship and a safe marriage.

SCORPIO – AQUARIUS: Scorpio is irritated by a changeable mood of Aquarius. Aquarius takes part in numerous public affairs outside home, while Scorpio is especially concerned about the house. Scorpio can’t bend a freedom-loving Aquarius in his will. Aquarius is very sociable, Scorpio is not. Scorpio finds unpractical ideas of Aquarius to be senseless. Exercise in bed won’t keep this people together. Let everyone go his own way.

SCORPIO –  PISCES: There is a strong mutual attraction. Pisces are ready to rely on Scorpio in order to overcome shyness and indeterminacy. A willing of Scorpio to rule the relation will be greatly approved by Pisces. Sexual life must be marvelous. Pisces are inventive. Scorpio is persistent.  Compatibility horoscope Scorpio promises a successful romance and marriage.

Scorpio Romantic Match

Best harmony with: Pisces and Cancer

Mutual help and support with: Virgo and Capricorn

You attract: Taurus

You should avoid: Leo and Aquarius

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