Dating a Taurus

If you are dating a TAURUS

Taurus likes tradition, so anything involving flowers, chocolate, and poetry is sure to appeal to their sensual senses. Of course, Bulls are not willing to settle for chintzy tokens. Quality is everything to this sign. That means roses instead of carnations, Godiva rather than Russell Stover and Shakespeare most definitely in lieu of Hallmark.

If you’d like to add spice to a well-seasoned relationship, take your favorite Bull out to a comedy club. Laughter always puts this sign in the mood for love. Of course, you’ll want to follow up with dinner at the finest restaurant in town. Choose a place with tablecloths, candlelight and soft music.

Taurus Star Sign Compatibility

TAURUS – ARIES: Two completely different personalities. Taurus doesn’t like when somebody is hurrying him and will damp ardor Aries, who is more inclined to impulsive sex. Taurus doesn’t have a delicate sensual imagination and won’t be able to meet expectations of Aries, if he will only be guided by emotions.  Compatibility horoscope Taurus predicts a hot and fierce relationship, but in marriage Taurus will have to neglect unfaithfulness of Aries.

TAURUS – TAURUS: They are not always compatible sexually. A woman is sentimental in love; a man has a more down-to-earth nature. A Taurus man may prefer the company of other men. He also likes to flirt with women. As for Taurus woman, she can’t stand deceit and lack of care of her partner. A relation is sure to be a pleasant one, but compatibility horoscope Taurus doubts about the future of marriage.

TAURUS – GEMINI: Mobile ambivalent double-faced Gemini are in sharp contrast with faithful Taurus. But artistic nature and rich imagination of Gemini attracts Taurus. Discretion of Taurus appeals to Gemini. However Gemini are irritated by slow reaction of Taurus and his awkward amateur tenderness. Compatibility horoscope Taurus forecasts a colorless relationship and unlucky perspectives of marriage.

TAURUS-CANCER: Taurus considers Cancer to be a romantic partner, able to meet his expectations. Stable Taurus won’t be put off by changeable mood of Cancer and firmness of his aspirations, which may be a sufficient reason for not hurrying to begin sexual relationships. Both have a strong desire for a passionate emotional life. If they are satisfied with sexual side, the relationship will be quite acceptable and marriage is possible to be successful.

TAURUS – LEO: Taurus will have to put up with extreme self-respect of Leo. Leo finds it natural to play the main role in the life of a lover. Leo is active and sympathetic; Taurus is more reserved and egoistic. Compatibility horoscope Taurus sees no problem in sexual life in case Leo is the one who sets the pace and the spirit. Leo is difficult to please and this may complicate the relationship. It is not a very good match if you are considering a relationship in perspective.

TAURUS -VIRGO: Taurus physical nature is more strong and revealing, and he may be irritated by puritanical inclinations of Virgo. Virgo prefers simple ways of making love and avoids excesses if possible. Taurus is not against simple things, but he is tireless in sex and that may worry Virgo. Otherwise, the relationship is quite safe and a happy marriage is possible. But a compromise in sex will be most essential.

TAURUS – LIBRA: Libra will bring into sexual life of Taurus a lot of emotional warmth and understanding, necessary for considering and solving all the physical problems. Libra will try to make aroused and then satisfy the partner. Taurus is also persistent, so the possibility of mutual satisfaction is quite high. Taurus may play a leading role in bed. A liaison is quite “lovely” and a good alliance over a long period of time is most probable.

TAURUS – SCORPIO: They have the same strong sexual appetite. Besides, nobody feels a need for romance outside the liaison. Taurus may be obstinate while irritated, and Scorpio in anger will frighten all the signs. Compatibility horoscope Taurus expects a stormy relationship; marriage is possible only if both partners show extreme patience to each other.

TAURUS – SAGITTARIUS: There is a danger that Taurus will try to take under control the whole life of a freedom-loving Sagittarius. He won’t succeed anyway. Extremely sexual Taurus will be pleased with passionate imagination of Sagittarius, but will be irritated by his desire to look for love wherever it is possible. They will be happy together, but careless Sagittarius is usually a better lover then a spouse.

TAURUS – CAPRICORN: The sexual desire of the both signs is identically strong. But no one urges towards impulsive pretentious sex. Capricorn is inclined to conceal his expectations and this kind of behavior doesn’t appeal to Taurus. Taurus will try to go his own way and Capricorn won’t definitely approve it. Perhaps, a relationship will lack romance, but passionate liaison and a lucky stable partnership is most probable.

TAURUS – AGUARIUS: Aquarius has inclinations for self-examination and is not as interested in the physical side of relationship as Taurus. Aquarius prefers intellectual communication, but sensual Taurus won’t be satisfied with this type of love.  On one hand, Aquarius will consider Taurus too exigent. On the other hand, he likes to learn the technique of sex and this may encourage him to get involved. The relationship is accidental, marriage is unpromising.

TAURUS – PISCES: Pisces have an unexpected temperament in sexual relationship. It’ll be difficult for Taurus to get along with his partner. Sharing sensual fantasies of Pisces, persistent Taurus will manage to achieve great pleasure. The success of sexual harmony depends on Taurus. Compatibility horoscope Taurus foresees a passionate relationship and an acceptable marriage.

Taurus Romantic Match

Best harmony with: Virgo and Capricorn

Mutual help and support with: Cancer and Pisces

You attract: Scorpio

You should avoid: Leo and Aquarius

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