Dating a Virgo

If you are dating a Virgo

Actions speak louder than words with Virgo. If you want to make a good impression on this sign, cook a gourmet dinner featuring the freshest ingredients from the local market. Craft a card with your own two hands using stylish recycled paper and super glue. Forget cut flowers that will wither within days. Instead, lovingly present a potted perennial safely cushioned in ceramic.

If you’re already involved with a Virgo, give the gift of service. Offer to relieve your lover of some dreaded chore for the next month. Be sure to live by your word, though. Nothing puts Virgo’s nose out of joint like a broken promise!

Virgo Star Sign Compatibility

VIRGO -ARIES : Virgo may be intrigued by audacity of Aries. But Aries needs a passionate partner in bed. Aries is seeking for adventures, while Virgo prefers to deal with something reliable and checked. Virgo likes stimulating conversation. Aries chooses stimulating action. The relationship is not probable, and marriage is even less possible.

VIRGO – TAURUS : Taurus enjoys sex without unnecessary fuss and anxiety, while Virgo is inclined to analyze, study and even criticize. If it doesn’t happen, Virgo may be a very passionate partner, satisfying Taurus. In other spheres of life they are completely compatible. Both are materialistic, practical and homebody. Compatibility horoscope Virgo predicts a happy relationship, but may be not so exiting. Marriage is sure to be a good one.

VIRGO – GEMINI : They may be a good match in sexual relationship as Virgo is quite indifferent in this field, and Gemini are not usually characterized by extreme passion. But Gemini are more impulsive in sex and most probably they won’t stand grumbling of Virgo. Gemini need freedom and they won’t accept the dominating role of Virgo in a relationship. Virgo considers Gemini to be irresponsible. The liaison is possible, but marriage won’t be successful.

VIRGO – CANCER : Virgo provides Cancer with emotional security he needs, makes compliments sustaining her feelings. A willing of Virgo to take care of her partner corresponds quite luckily to dependence of Cancer. Imagination of Cancer stimulates Virgo, and a desire of Cancer to give pleasure strengthens the affection of Virgo. Both are capable of showing their worth and enjoying life in full. Compatibility horoscope Virgo foresees a passionate liaison and a long-lasting marriage.

VIRGO – LEO : Leo is very sexual, while Virgo is more concerned about feeling secure and stable when making love. They won’t understand each other. Besides, Virgo likes to criticize, and Leo will not be able not to take it serious. Practical down-to-earth approach of Virgo is in sharp contradiction with expansive optimistic nature of Leo. One-night stay is possible, but marriage will turn into a disaster.

VIRGO – VIRGO : Both are reserved in sex and consider love relations as a ground for something more important – partnership for life. They are not exigent in bed, don’t complain or criticize. Virgo can’t simply live otherwise. Compatibility horoscope Virgo forecasts an uneasy relationship. Marriage is possible in case boredom doesn’t start ruling in this house too early.

VIRGO – LIBRA : A loving heart of Libra will conflict with cool analytical maneuvers of Virgo. Virgo is too criticizing and blows up self-confidence of Libra. As Virgo can’t stand immodesty, she won’t probably approve of frivolity of Libra. They don’t have much in common. The relationship is uneasy, and compatibility horoscope Virgo doesn’t advise to settle down together.

VIRGO – SCORPIO : Generally they are compatible, but Virgo damps the passion of Scorpio somehow. Scorpio tries to light up the fire in Virgo, while she is wondering why he is so persistent and whether they can be simply friends, not lovers. If Virgo is ready to compromise, Scorpio will be tactful. The relationship is interesting with a long-lasting perspective.

VIRGO – SAGITTARIUS : Attitude of Sagittarius toward love makes Virgo crazy with happiness. But Virgo doesn’t feel safe. Sagittarius doesn’t try to understand the needs of Virgo and can’t stand her hypocritical sex behavior. Sagittarius will start looking for new partners sooner or later. They will stay together for a week, but not for the whole life.

VIRGO – CAPRICORN : Capricorn sexually attracts Virgo. But problems will begin when Virgo stops playing the main role in bed. If it doesn’t happen, they are capable of growing a harmonious relationship. Both are practical, emotional, reserved and intellectual. The relation may be quite dull, but marriage however will be strong and successful.

VIRGO -AQUARIUS : Both of them estimate an intellectual side of romance, more than a physical one. The relationship suffers from some practical differences. For example, Virgo has a puritanical attitude to sex, while Aquarius is more extravagant and impulsive.  Virgo thinks that Aquarius is light-minded while he, in his turn, considers Virgo to be unreceptive. Love will be fading. Compatibility horoscope Virgo says the relationship will be quite realistic, but marriage won’t be sensible.

VIRGO – PISCES : For Virgo love is closely connected with stableness, physical needs and intellectual compatibility. Pisces find in love the main fascination of life, beauty and emotions. Cautions and calculating attitude of Virgo toward sex conflict with unlimited desires of Pisces. If Virgo won’t be more relaxed, they will split up quickly and marriage will be unsuccessful.

Virgo Romantic Match

Best harmony with: Capricorn and Taurus

Mutual help and support with: Cancer and Scorpio

You attract: Pisces

You should avoid: Gemini and Sagittarius

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