Dating an Aquarius

If you are dating an Aquarius

Special dates might not mean much to Aquarius, who is short on sentimentality. Still, if you demonstrate a deep appreciation for this sign’s offbeat sensibilities, you’re sure to make inroads to the Water-bearer’s heart. Propose a midnight croquet match. Crash somebody’s wedding reception. Better yet, head for a local fast-food restaurant and deck your table with silverware, candlesticks, and fine china.
To add zest to a committed relationship, look through cookbooks and choose a meal that neither one of you has ever prepared before. Go shopping together and fix a gourmet feast for the two of you. Water-bearers are excellent collaborators, and enjoy embarking on new adventures.

Aquarius Star Sign Compatibility

AQUARIUS -ARIES : You won’t possibly get bored in bed. The problems may arise when one of you will try to make the other do something. No one will bear the dominating role of the other. Both of you are inventive in sex and are compatible in other spheres. A strong Aries will become a leader. Compatibility horoscope Aquarius foresees a wonderful chance of romance and more lasting relations.

AQUARIUS – TAURUS : Passionate and extremely sexual Taurus can’t understand a peculiar sex approach of Aquarius. Taurus is not looking for a friend, he is looking for a sexual partner. As for Aquarius, he estimates friendship more than sex relations. Another problem is that Aquarius is too much concerned about public life to satisfy a homebody Taurus. Constant quarrels of these people that possess strong will and are not eager to compromise – that is a sad perspective that compatibility horoscope Aquarius gives.

AQUARIUS – GEMINI : Aquarius may possibly put Gemini under his supervision. There will be  pleasant things in bed, but little pressure and passion. Aquarius has influence on Gemini, who are aroused easily and change the mind constantly. If Gemini get interested in outside life of the partner, they will concern themselves with the same activity and that will be most useful for both sides. Compatibility horoscope Aquarius foresees an interesting romance and a charming marriage.

AQUARIUS – CANCER : Emotional Cancer irritates Aquarius by paying too much attention to sex. Aquarius prefers hot and fierce relation and a more careful attitude to each other. Time will pass, Aquarius will be lacking communication and will get tired of boring faithfulness of Cancer.  Offended Cancer will become angry and will feel himself out of place. Many difficulties in relationship, a lot of problems in marriage.

AQUARIUS – LEO : It may look like a promising alliance, but the result is hard to predict. The main problem is that Leo has a huge interest in physical side of relations, while Aquarius is more concerned about emotional communication. Aquarius can’t admire Leo in sex the way he needs. Both are independent. Aquarius will try to put an end to the leadership of Leo. Arousing easily, these two signs won’t stand up to serious relation.

AQUARIUS -VIRGO : There is no strong sexual attraction between them. They are more interested in spiritual life. They will lack excitement, erotic initiative and stimulation. Practical sensible Virgo will criticize generosity of Aquarius. A calm romance will end quickly.  A marriage is possible, in case common interests besides sex are found.

AQUARIUS – LIBRA: Both are sensitive sexual natures. A bent of Libra for sex games is exactly what Aquarius needs to be stimulated to. They fulfill each other’s dreams with pleasure. Both have a passion for luxury, enjoy art, music and spend money easily. Compatibility horoscope Aquarius predicts a lovely liaison and a happy marriage.

AQUARIUS – SCORPIO: Scorpio is so jealous that Aquarius can’t simply stand that. Aquarius is almost indifferent to sex. Scorpio is aggressive and his behavior may even be sadistic. Quite naturally, Aquarius will start to look for happiness outside home far away from Scorpio. Liaison and marriage won’t last long.

AQUARIUS – SAGITTARIUS : Both are unpredictable, active and cheerful. They have a gorgeous time in bed, as they have a lot of sexual interests, vivid imagination and plenty of fantasies. Both like socializing, have lots of acquaintances and are interesting people themselves and, what is the most important, they are not jealous. Excellent partners for a short or long period of time.

AQUARIUS – CAPRICORN : Not a very compatible couple in sex. Capricorn considers Aquarius to be cold and indifferent. Aquarius can’t understand practical possessive Capricorn. A relationship may start, but soon you will split up and won’t probably regret about it.

AQUARIUS -AQUARIUS : This is a marvelous match. Both of you are inventive in love, stimulate each other physically and emotionally. They satisfy each other in sex, but there are no deep feelings. Both are too rational, reasonable and reserved. Lots of interests arise apart from each other. However, compatibility horoscope Aquarius promises a pleasant romance and a safe marriage.

AQUARIUS – PISCES : The intimacy turns out to be a fight with some elements of melodrama. Sensitive Pisces depend on Aquarius too much and want him to demonstrate his love all the time. As a result, Aquarius feels a lack of freedom. So these two signs have different objectives. A relation may seem to be much promising in the beginning, but won’t be successful anyway.

Aquarius Romantic Match

Best harmony with: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Mutual help and support with: Sagittarius and Aries

You attract: Leo

You should avoid: Scorpio and Taurus

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