aims to be the #1 gay dating site

gaysocialclub.comMany popular sites have very few gay users, and one of the most popular dating sites doesn’t even allow gay people to use their service. is a rapidly growing gay and lesbian site serving the United States and Canada.

The websites widespread marketing campaign geared specifically towards the gay community will propel the community to the top of the list. The site aims to target and recruit 10,000 new gay members per day.

The key to finding a match online is tapping into a large database of gay singles. What brings a large database of eager users to a single website is a huge advertising budget. is putting their money where their mouth is to bring thousands of new users to the already active pool of potential dates. The website proposed a new advertising plan including placements on Google, Grinder, AOL, and various gay dating portals which can deliver up to 50,000 visitors to the site daily.

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