How to make online dating easier! 6 simply tips to do this!

How to make online dating easier! 6 simply tips to do this!You didn’t mean for it to happen. It certainly wasn’t intentional. But because of death or divorce – or maybe just an extended break – you haven’t been wading around in the dating pool for awhile. And, since you’ve last donned your swimmies and your bathing cap, things have changed. A LOT.
"Yes," you may be saying. You’ve seen "Sex & the City". You have single friends. You’ve heard the stories. But before you run for the hills, screaming for cover, take a moment to look over the tips below. And relax. Dating is not brain surgery. You don’t (and shouldn’t) need a degree in advanced techniques to go out for a cup of coffee. There may now be more ways to get a date then to concoct a Cosmo, but when you get down to it, in the end some things – like dating – really do change. Here are six things you can do to make dating easier the second time around.

1. Get a Makeover.

It’s not that you’re not okay just the way you are. But it’s always been true that if you feel like a million bucks, that’s what you’ll project.
Never lose sight of the fact that the makeover is for you, not the potential people you’ll be meeting. So have your hair cut or your teeth whitened. Buy some new make-up or – if you’re a guy – a new pair of socks. Take a hot bath or a cool shower. Indulge. Chances are if you don’t think you’re worth spending time with, neither will all the terrific people you meet.

2. Lower Your Expectations.

Yes, it is possible that George Clooney or Angelina Jolie will find out that you’re available and fly immediately to your side. But let’s face it. It’s not very likely. That said, there are many, many nice people out there looking for a person like you. They won’t all be investment bankers or supermodels. And they’ll most likely not be perfect. But then again, if you’re being honest (see Tip #3), neither are you.

3. Be Honest With Yourself. And your date.

You may go into this venture thinking that a little white lie won’t matter. It’s just a dinner and a movie. But what happens if you like each other? What happens (horrors!) if you fall in love, a few month pass and you still haven’t told the truth? Whether it’s about your age, your weight or your political preferences, better to be up-front from the beginning so you don’t have to backtrack later.

4. Don’t Have Sex on the First Date.

Yes, you’re a grown-up and you can do what you want. And if all you’re looking for is a roll in the hay – and your partner is agreeable – then by all means go for it. But, if what you’re looking for is a more long-term type of relationship, there’s a lot to be said for getting to know the other person a bit before doing the "deed." Really…anticipation isn’t just about waiting for ketchup.

5. Be Creative About Meeting People.

Ask your neighbors if they know someone. Ask your neighbors’ kids. Check out on-line dating and speed dating and blind dates. Pretend you’re an anthropologist looking for specimens of nice single people. Be yourself on a good day. Be safe, but take chances. You never know where your true love maybe hiding.

6. Have Fun.

Yes, having fun may seem self-evident. But you’d be surprised how many people sweat the small stuff. The truth is that not everyone you go out with will be your soul mate. Some might turn out to be friends or just companionable dinner partners. And, let’s be honest here, some will be downright losers. But hey, you look great, you’re focused on having a good time. If you’re lucky, at least the food will be good. But make an effort either way. It’s only a couple hours of your life. Make the best of it.
In the end, like gambling, dating is never a sure bet. You’re going to have some winning hands and some outright duds. But life is full of surprises. And one of them may be that dating – like other things in life – maybe even better the second time around.

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