How to marry a millionaire?

marry a millionaireIf you're living on a champagne and caviar diet, but have a beer budget there's good news. Eight percent of the nation's households qualify as millionaires! You just need to know where to look! AOL has released the top 10 places to find the Mr. or Mrs. Moneybags of your dreams.
First, is Los Alamos, New Mexico. The city has fewer eight thousand household and one and five has a net worth of more than a million dollars. Next, is Naples/Marco Island right here in Florida. This area boasts the largest population of wealthy retirees. Fairfield County, Connecticut is next on the list. It's only an hour away from New York City and a metro area filled of corporate wealthy workers.

Hilton Head/Beaufort, South Carolina comes in at four, followed by Louisville, Kentucky and San Jose, California. Vero Beach, Florida is next. This city has become a destination for real estate moguls to cash in. It's a favorite of rich retirees and rock stars like Bon Jovi and Prince. Next is the metro area of Washington D.C. and Los Angeles County.
Last but certainly not least, is your couch USA! If traveling isn't in your future- all hope is not lost. Get on the internet! You can check out matchmaking websites, like millionaires club 1-2-3 sugar daddies dot com or date a millionaire dot com. Just click on the links below : ,

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