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Jzoog.com jewish dating site

Jzoog.com, a new Jewish dating site with no subscription fee, launches on November 7 and will allow anyone to serve as a matchmaker on the site. It is also the first Jewish dating site to require members to have Facebook accounts.

With Jzoog, users pay for tokens, which are used to contact someone. A smile, which is similar to a poke, is 50 cents, while sending a message is one dollar, or two tokens. There is no charge to respond to a message and there is no charge for sending additional messages to a person, once the conversation has begun. A smile may be a common choice for women who don’t want to appear aggressive but want a guy to notice them.

Alicia Post, Jzoog’s chief marketing officer, said the matchmaking feature is a key attribute that will lead to marriages.

“Some people have become disillusioned by the stigma of a matchmaker or the fact that on sites where people are forced to match people up who they’ve never met, the results are poor. Your friends are the best potential matchmakers. This feature gives them a quick and easy way to do it.”

Jzoog may be helpful to females who are inundated with a plethora of messages from men who are nothing like the guy they’re looking for.

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