Ladies, Do You Want to Make Your Profile Successful?

Online dating is the way to find your second half even if he lives on the other corner of the globe. There are numerous advice for men, that were created to help them to create the perfect profile, to start communication and organize the best first date. This article present tips specially for women.
Girls! Do you try to find your soul mate online? But are you sure that your profile will have success among all these single men? Here are some tips how improve your profile.

Choose the best nickname
Your nickname should reflect your character. But the most often mistake is to choose some SEXY nickname. Of course you can be very sexy woman, but are your intentions in search for perfect match are serious? First of all such “sexy” profiles attract sleaze balls who look only for having fun. Do you want to meet them?

Choose the photo
All your potential dates haven’t seen you in the real life and the only chance for them to picture you to themselves is you photo. The incorrect photo can destroy all you planes to find your soul mate.
First of all don’t wear the facial expression of duck face. Another often mistake is a photo with your open mouth. Believe me, your tonsil are not very attractive. No one wants to see the white plaque build up on your tongue. Don’t use sepia or black and white effect with your profile picture. What century are you living in? Modern photos should be colorful.

What to say about yourself and your desired partner?
At online dating profiles people describe themselves and desired partners’ criteria. What is the main there?
More often women say how hot they are and how do they look like and what appearance her future date should have. But is it the main point for successful serious relations (of course if you are looking for them). Is the pretty appearance your only advantage? Do you care only about the outlook? So don’t be surprised that will attract only superficial men and will be bored in such a case. Don’t be phony and your chances to find interesting man would be higher.
When completing your profile write about your interests. Of course you want to show your sense of humor, but don’t overdo it. The mixture of being honest, funny and sociable should be in ideal balance.

With whom do you want to have a date?
What person are you looking for? I have mentioned the case when girls pay too much attention to the appearance, of course, it is important but not the main. Think over the main features you are looking for in men. You want to date with kind, smart, attractive, educated, and so on. Have you mentioned funny? Just imagine your date in real life with a man who doesn’t have any sense of humor. It will be boring. Are you going on a date or to the library?

Keep your emotions under control
It is rather hard to express your emotions in letters and messages. Very often people use exclamation points!!! and ALL CAPS. But it seems to be immature and annoying. Try to avoid it. Also don't promote that you "cry a lot". Guys don’t like whimpers.
Follow all these pieces of advice and your profile would be the best. Avoid all pitfalls and you will surely find you soul mate.

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