consumer panel launching consumer panel one of the largest dating sites is launching the ‘match100’ consumer panel. The move comes as the dating site celebrates over one billion emails and one billion winks which have been sent globally on the site since 2001. The ‘match100’ panel is composed of men and women of all ages and backgrounds from across the UK.  The responsibility of this group is to consult on new services and provide a valuable on-the-ground view of the search for love in 21st century Britain. 

The first task for the ‘match100’ is the compilation of an “insider’s guide” to online dating drawing on and sharing their own experiences.  Who better to provide advice about online dating, than the people who are out there doing it?
Jason Stockwood, MD International for commented: “Ten years on from the launch of the very first dating websites in the UK, online dating has hit the mainstream. Today, everyone knows someone who’s trying it because dating online is the new natural way to find love. We have always placed the needs of match members at the heart of our business because looking for love is such a personal experience. The ‘match100’ is a vocal, diverse group of all ages from across the nation and their opinions and experiences will make a huge impact on our business.”

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