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Multimedia Dating Online The Leading Dating Site Anastasia Date has recently launched a new internet service – video chat  that allows western men dating Russian women to have a face to face conversation with any Russian lady while staying at home.  This option gives a great chance to get multimedia experience of being able to both see and talk with the person you like and provides a much more intimate experience that makes online dating much easier.

“We think this will be a huge help for many American single men and intelligent and feminine women from the former Soviet Union,” Elena Sykes, CEO of Anastasia International, said. “People can get to know each other more quickly and naturally using video chat. It’s truly a great way to make that first step towards meeting your life partner.”

Since Anastasia International offers live interpretation done by professional interpreters language barrier is not even a problem any more. It really helps to avoid difficulties in communication and better understand cultural differences.

Studies have shown that more than 80% of communication is body language. Video chat brings communication back to a human
level and helps both sides grow confidence in their relationship, building and strengthening trust. Facial expressions and body language, so important in our everyday conversations, become extremely significant when finding that special person in your life.
The new video and audio chat service is available now. You simply need a webcam and a microphone to experience how quickly and easy it is to get started. Even as you read this, thousands of beautiful and charming ladies are waiting to bring happiness into your life. Getting to know the woman of your dreams is just a few clicks away at

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