New dating website connects travelers at airport gates

New dating website connects travelers at airport gatesWhile waiting to make your next connecting flight, ever think of sparking a love connection? A new concept in online dating is making that possible, bringing people together at the airport gates.
Steve Pasternack has started a website called “Meet At The Airport”.  The site takes a person’s interests and travel information, and matches them up with others who share those interests, and are nearby.
He said he got the idea while stranded at the Miami Airport. Seeing all the bored people, he thought, it would be great if they could meet each other.
The way it works, members create a basic profile with personal information then add flight details and their departure airport. The site matches flyers based on interests, as well as travel arrangements. But some only have a few hours to kill.
The site already has more than 20,000 members worldwide.

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