New Look of Thanks to the awesome team at Engage, we now have a revamped site that looks like a million bucks and is really fun to use.  Engage is the Web’s first introductions platform and we’ve been at work making the site better, easier to use, and, as always, super fun.  Our simple aim: introduce the world, one wonderful person at a time.  Please click around the site and check out our new look — and let me know what you think. (By the way: we’re still updating our registration flow pages, so those will look like the old site for a few more days.)

Also, if you use Facebook, hop on over and take a look at our new Facebook application called AwesomeIntros, a fun game that relies on your intuition to introduce people to a person they’ve never met before. You just vote on the person you think Engage should introduce to the guy or girl in the poll and we do the rest… you can even put yourself in the game.  You could help us out a lot if you take a moment to “fan” the application, and if you have a few minutes, jump on and play.  AND, if you like it, go share it with all your friends!

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