One-Third of Women Who Meet Men Online Have Sex on First Date

Sex on First DateIt's confirmed: Online dating is the way to go if you're looking to get lucky. According to a recent survey published by the Sexuality Research and Social Policy research journal, one-third of women who meet people online have sex on the first date, and a whopping three-quarters of those surveyed do not use a condom. Meanwhile, a mere 27-percent engage in oral sex on the first day.

That's right, online dating is like grazing a lush field of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). The high likelihood of sex on the first date is partially attributable to an increased comfort level. According to the survey, having extended or multiple conversations with a person online can decrease the tension and general awkwardness that accompanies a first date. The sense of familiarity not only increases the chances for intercourse, but it also will make a person more likely to cast off better judgment and go sans condom. That, and, of course, alcohol. They neglected to mention that pretty much 100 percent of men will have sex on the first date — if given the chance.

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