launches dating service for gay men and lesbians singles Launches dating service for gay men and lesbians, the first relationship-focused online dating service for gay men and lesbians, announced today the launch of a 2.0 Beta site, redesigned with enhanced searching and matching, “marriage” as a stated relationship goal, and for the first time, allowing LGBT singles to identify as members of the United States Armed Forces on an LGBT dating site. The new site, developed by members of the LGBT community, is live today with more than eighty thousand profiles of LGBT singles seeking loving relationships or marriage.

“Leading dating sites that focus on loving relationships and marriage have either rejected gays and lesbians from membership, like eHarmony did for years, or have treated them dismissively— willing to monetize the LGBT community, but rarely willing to customize a dating experience to actually meet their needs,” said Frank Mastronuzzi, Co-founder and CEO at, and formerly senior manager of business development at “LGBT singles want what all singles want from their dating site, an opportunity to meet quality dates that are a good fit for them, based on the dating criteria they find meaningful.” Mastronuzzi is known to show up at dating industry events with Cinderella’s glass slipper, demonstrating the importance of “fit” for LGBT singles when dating online.

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