Online dating site RubyRadar finding romance for high flyers

New dating site Ruby Radar finding romance for high flyersA NEW online dating site targeted at professionals and business owners is hoping to play matchmaker to Sydney’s high flying singles. Trudy Gilbert, creator and CEO of Ruby Radar and director of Elite Introductions, an exclusive personal introduction agency, said she wanted to create a dating site that went back to basics.

“The idea had been brewing for a long time and it was about getting in all the hard work and basically sorting out the statistics and data for business professionals to meet,” Ms Gilbert said.

“I have made the website simple and stylish, which is a different direction from other cluttered dating sites that currently exist basic with white spaces and clean pages.”

Ms Gilbert said one of the unique features about Ruby Radar is that people can play matchmakers for their friends.

“Members have a very unique profile page on which they can upload their photos and interests,” she said.

“You have your contacts tab where you can add your matches to and you can even play matchmaker with your contacts because you can also add your personal friends online and then you can introduce them to your matches.

“The idea is that if you play matchmaker for your friends then they might do the same for you. All women love to play matchmaker and in some ways it is part of our natural social being, so I think it is a great concept.”

To ensure privacy, members will not be able to scroll through profiles but will rather be regularly sent matches.

“You outline what you are looking for and then the site acts as the initial matchmaker, it suggests people to you that it thinks you will be looking for,” she said.

“It is just a way of ensuring privacy.”

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