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Online dating via social networksCupid's Lab, the new way to meet singles online through the power of the social network, today announced the beta release of its dating web site. Doing away with mathematical formulae and complex queries, Cupid's Lab relies on the people who know us best — our friends — to help find the best match for singles. Users have the choice of signing up as interested daters, or simply concerned individuals who are not looking for a match, but are interested in helping friends find a match.

Married couples or people in relationships can then sign up to help find matches for their single friends. All users can sign up for free at
"Cupid's Lab injects some much-needed trust into online dating. It uses the power of references from people whose opinions we trust, those who know us best," says Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan, founder of Cupid's Lab. "I built this site as an experiment because dating and romance have always interested me. It amazes me how it's easy for some to find a match and how difficult it is for others. Hopefully this site will make it easier for everyone."
Cupid's Lab looks to change the paradigm of dating from one of selecting off a shopping list to a more fun, interactive experience. Mr. Schwaiger-Hastanan hints at future games and features that will make the site even more interactive and enjoyable.
"The average dating site was akin to going to a grocery store and buying a head of lettuce," continues Schwaiger-Hastanan. "You'd scroll through a list of people all stating moonlit walks on the beach as an interest, and all with pictures that you could never be sure about the authenticity of. As a programmer I felt there had to be a better solution, and I believe Cupid's Lab is the answer to the timeless search for love."

About Cupid's Lab Cupid's Lab is an online social network focused on building a trusted and fun environment for online dating. Launched as a social experiment among friends, Cupid's Lab opened its doors to the public in 2007 with their premier matchmaking application that lets friends play cupid for one another. Cupid's Lab has a simple mission: bring a human touch to finding love in the digital age with new and exciting applications in an otherwise stale and sterile industry.

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