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Russian Dating Marrying a foreigner became usual thing in Russia and in the West since the Internet was invented. I have even read in one forum disapproving notes of an American woman towards American men for this tendency. In her disapprove she criticizes both sides – Russian women for their wish to leave this "awful country of Russia" at any cost and even at the cost of getting married to an old and bald man, and for the men the blame was that some of them being old and bald desperately wish to have young sexy Russian brides believing that these women will love them just for bringing them over there. I think she is right disapproving men. For one thing I could not have held myself from asking the question – "has she ever been to Russia". I did not receive the answer for that question. Why do you think there are so many cases of scam? Numerous cases of scam show that many Russian women feel quite comfortable at home and try to use "Russian brides" sites for money interest.

The position of the society in both parts of the world, Russia and the West, is usually negative. Western people who have in some or other way dealt with Russian women and "Russian dating" generated a lot of opinions. Many of them are just myths or far away from reality. As a citizen of one of the ex soviet republics I have right to correct or oppose them. I will do it later. Now I want to tell a little bit about Russia. Russia today is not that rich as some western developed countries because there are economical and political difficulties in many regions. But Russia is improving and getting richer incredibly fast and in many regions and big cities situation is quite well. I don't know why, but many western mass media try to show situation of things about Russia worse then in reality.

So why there are so many the online services with thousands of beautiful Russian women targeted at western auditory? In my opinion the answer is very simple – it is just a dream selling business. On the first most visited pages of the "Russian dating" sites you can see selected beautiful faces. This dream selling business is for both participants – for western men and for Russian women. Many people were disillusioned because the differences in cultures and life stiles are quite big. Some naive Russian girls believe that they will get into colorful life as in Hollywood movies but not in everyday routine. And I think this business exist not only because many Russian women want to settle in the USA or other rich countries but because western men need it and are desperate to find qualities they think western women lack. However, there are many cases of happy examples of marriage.

Actually, it is not bad if a man wants to find a Russian woman for relationships. He can find a perfect life partner. But it could be mistake to believe in some myths about Russian women and for women to believe in myth about life in America. That is why a man deciding to sign up in some or other online "Russian dating" sites should search not a Russian woman but just a good woman; after all she could be Russian. But I believe you can build good relationships with Russian woman if you like and understand Russia, accept all plusses and minuses of Russia, if you can understand a little bit of Russian language, Russian culture, and make some efforts to study Russian language. You will lose if you consider like "I will take away from that "awful country of Russia" a woman and she should be thankful to me for the rest of her life". I know one example of very happy marriage between a Dutchman and an Ukraine woman. He came to Kiev, very beautiful city and capital of Ukraine, in order to be with her. He could have allowed this move because he has business on the Internet and for him the place of living does not matter.

One of the mistakes when western men search for "Russian brides" is that they search in sites created just for this purpose because "Russian brides" sites are usually limited by 3 countries: Russia, Ukraine, and Byelorussia. The previous USSR included 15 republics, like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia+There is a lot of Russian women and can be less cases of scam because Russian women in those countries would leave these republics more willingly to find a foreigner husband. The reason is simple. For this search will do usual dating sites with big databases. Just try to browse personal ads of the members from any ex soviet republics in In Russia the business "find a husband abroad" or "find a Russian bride online" was born when the situation was far away from stability and many women wanted to find better and stable life abroad. Many "Russian brides" sites made a lot of money then. Webmasters seeing that financial success are developing these kinds of sites and agencies in big quantities and now. But today this business turns to be tricky because a competition is fierce. Touching previous soviet republics I can say that Russian women there will respond you more willingly if you email them.

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