Senior Dating : Do’s And Don’ts

senior datingAn increase in age doesn’t have to be followed by a decrease in the desire for romance and relationships. At fifty or older, a lot of people end up being single again. A long term companionship ended; your dearest someone passed away+ Many, driven by loneliness pursue the passion to find some happiness through senior dating. Gone are the days when dating means pursuing someone who’d someday end up as your spouse. Time polished this practice, making it more casual. Now, even senior dating is not as formal as it was like dating decades ago. Senior dating could be pictured as going out to get to know someone in the opposite sex with an aim to just have mutual fun. This could be done through group dating; playing the field dating many and choosing one in the end; or exclusive dating. No matter what method is selected, senior dating would never end up successful if the participants are not guided with its Do’s and Don’ts.


DO be on time. Being fashionably late is never an  in’ thing in senior dating. Your date might get the notion that she/he has been stood up, and you might end up retracing your steps after just arriving at the venue. This would also ruin your chance at getting a really good first impression.

DO share generous pleasantries. Be nice and find something good to comment about your partner. This would be the best way to greet your escort in senior dating. But do not go to the point of lying for the sake of flattery. Unless you are dating a post, there would always be something true and praise worthy about her/him.

DO tailor common interests. By doing so, you would know what topics to talk about, making you and your senior partner more comfortable.

DO maintain that positivism. Senior dating, like any other event, always has this probability to turn into a disaster. Spilt wine on your attire, a broken heel, customer service problems+ things could go wrong. But do not let these ruin your entire date. Make a joke out of these incidents and continue to have fun, fun, fun!

DO show real interest. Be attentive whenever your senior date has something to say.

DO flirt, a little. This would be the spice in senior dating. Participants have already lived half their lives to not know what your body language is saying. Your movements alone could give a lot of information. So be sure to be sending the right messages.


DO NOT go overboard. This is the biggest no-no in senior dating. Inviting your date to a five star restaurant even if you spend your 1 month salary on it; changing your hair and style to look like your date’s favorite celebrity; pretending that you know every important personality in town; etc, etc. Wouldn’t it be fine to be loved just the way you are?

DO NOT complain boisterously. There’s always a more subtle way to let your date know that something is bothering you or is not right.

DO NOT drink more than you could take. This is one of the most common mistakes in senior dating. Most enjoy the moment too much, and forget to consider how much they have been drinking. Nobody would want their dates to end up drunk. An important note: if your date is not drinking, neither should you.

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