Stop Scammers

Stop scammers web site is about known scammers involved in dating fraud (scam) with complete information, photos, scam reports, media files, fake documents (passports, visas, etc.), forum, different scam scenarios, warning signs, resources for reporting and much more. The information is confirmed with letters and/or other documents stating the facts. All letters and photos were sent to men by somebody who tried to scam them to earn money over the Internet.

The second part of web site is about known gold-diggers. Note, they are not scammers. Gold-diggers are real and you can meet them in person. And they are "honest" using international brides industry. But "honest" in their only goal – let men buying them expensive clothes, perfume, presents, visiting expensive places, helping with some cash on monthly basis under "I am a serious girl looking for a foreign man to build a family" mask.
To access full information about scammers and gold-diggers you need to register. Registration fee is $17.99

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