The 6 Most Important Rules For Dating On Myspace and Facebook

social dating siteRule #1: You Can Never Lose!
You have to realize that besides the small amount of time you spend messaging new people, you really have nothing else to lose. The worst that will happen is that they will not respond or will not want to talk to you.
Rule #2: It Is A Social Network So Social Network!!
If you want to meet the opposite sex on a social network one of the best ways is just by social networking! Get involved in groups, in comments, on message boards, on walls, on the networks page, or wherever! The key here is that you just get involved!

Rule #3: If You Have Friends Use Them!
Use your friends as a way to meet new people. This can be anything from getting them to set you up with their friends on a blind date, messaging someone using your friend as a reference, or even getting your friend to have them message you.

Rule #4: Stay Up To Date.
Change your profile photos fairly often at least once every 2 months at the very least. Update your Facebook status, Facebook information, and update your Myspace page information. You should also keep in touch with friends you haven’t talked to in a while and constantly be willing to message and meet new people.

Rule #5: Use The Tools They Give You!
These websites are social networks and as such they have built numerous tools for the sole purpose of connecting people. Why would you struggle to create a new way to meet people when tools are already there? On Facebook for example the application HOT or NOT has a “Meet” feature with the sole purpose of connecting two people that might want to meet. If you are trying to meet the opposite sex why wouldn’t you take advantage of a tool like this? The best part is these social networks have 1000’s of tools at your disposal all usable for many different purposes, one of which is definitely dating!

Rule #6: Your Profile Is Extremely Important!
On any social networking website or personals website also, your profile is the first thing people will look at in order to get an impression of you. This means that you want them to check out and read your profile, but you want them to actually form a favorable impression of you because of it. You need to make a good profile page which shows who you are as an individual and shows off your strengths while downplaying your weaknesses. You also need to make sure your profile is visually appealing so they will stick around long enough to actually read about you.

Do not add 100 Facebook application boxes to your profile, do not add a Myspace theme that gives people a headache and makes the text impossible to read, do not write an entire paragraph about how you are in love with your ex girlfriend still, and do not put junk on your profile. Just use your good judgment on what adds value to your profile and what you could get rid of.

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