The Best Places to Meet Women

Meet WomenWomen make up about half of the population of our world. So you'd think there would be plenty of places to meet them, right? Well, if you're a guy who's been striking out on a regular basis with women, or just having a hard time meeting the ones who will give you the time of day, you'd probably disagree with this assessment. But the problem isn't that you can't meet them, it's that you can't find the right places to meet them. This article discusses some of the best places to meet women, with a little hint on what to do when you get there.

The Bar Scene
As old as dating itself, the bar scene has its place, but in so many ways it's just passe. There are so many other ways to meet people, particularly with the advent of the internet, that don't involve the random hit-or-miss dynamic of a singles bar, or the problems of crowd and smoke. Bars are still a great place to have fun with friends and maybe even to meet people, but it's more difficult than it used to be, as so many people are seeking alternatives to the bar scene.

College or Night Classes
Taking college classes or nighttime classes is a great way to meet girls. First, you already have something in common – the class you're taking. There are also opportunities for extra-curricular study sessions that could also lead to something more. And keep in mind, college classes will be full of younger girls, many of whom will appreciate the fact that you might be a little older than the average frat jocks they come in contact with. Employment Well, this might not be a particularly good idea in some workplace situations, but meeting people through work and subsequently dating is relatively common. In fact, social scientists recognize that the bonds you create with workmates are incredibly important, especially considering you spend the majority of your quality awake time with them. You have something in common and you see each other on a daily basis, so it is not unreasonable to see workplace relationships develop. But watch out for the backlash if things go bad. Just because you broke up doesn't mean you'll stop seeing them daily, so while workplace romances are common, be careful not to take it too far. Sleeping with all the women in your office isn't going to do your career prospects any favors.

Libraries and Bookstores
Statistically, women read more than men. You can find women in bookstores and libraries patiently perusing their favorite subject matter. This is a great way to start up a conversation, because they are providing a hint as to what their interested in simply by standing in a particular section. Be cautious, of course, as trying to talk about something you're clueless about can be disastrous. This is a great place to look, particularly if you're interested in a woman with a brain.

The Music Store
In much the same way as bookstores, music shops provide an automatic conversation. If one of your passions is music, what better place to meet someone? Offer to show her some music that she doesn't know about in a particular genre, or better yet, get her email address and offer to make her a mix disk.

The Gym
This is an interesting social dynamic with all kinds of pitfalls, but there can be some great benefits to meeting someone in the gym as well. First, understand that not all gyms and health clubs are created equal. Some are less expensive and draw a completely different clientele, while others might be better known for their single-friendly atmosphere. This is a great place to meet people if you're into your body (and theirs) as a workout environment can often be indicative of common interests, chiefly the ability to achieve fitness or body image goals.

Finally, meeting girls online requires an entirely different set of skills. Email correspondence and the ability to use instant messaging and email to your advantage will really pay off. However, as online venues such as singles sites and special interest boards are full of people who have difficulty meeting people in their every day lives, and many are looking for particular needs. If you are serious about developing a relationship, there may be some sites whose demographic will fit your needs better than others. A lot of sites have scores of people who are only interested in casual sex or one night stands, so it pays to ask around, particularly with friends and others, as to the best internet dating sites in your area.

Happy dating!

Author: Matthew Whiting

Category: Dating Tips for Men

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    Nice article thank you! I can tell from my own experience that the on line dating really works. I met my girlfriend on line, then went to Ukraine to meet her in person, she was more than I could imagine, and we get along really well.

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