Tinder mobile app – the new way of online dating

Tinder mobile app

Tinder is a free mobile dating app for Android & iPhone that is the fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you. More people are willing to give this app a go, because it is free and fairly simple to use. All a person needs to do is download the app and then their dating world can change.

The app connects to the user’s Facebook, but does not give out any important unwanted information. Information displayed for other users include: photos, the users name, and the user’s age. If the user wants to write anything personal about themselves, that can be included as well. Photos are uploaded automatically from your Facebook and can be changed. After a user is finished setting up their profile, it is time to swipe away.

When a user sees a photo that is appealing to them, they swipe right. If they are not interested, they swipe left. Users are only matched up if each person swipes right on one another’s profile.

Since Tinder is easily accessible, busy singles seem to appreciate it.

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