Top Ten USA cities for dating with “Good Girls”

Top Ten USA cities for dating with “Good Girls”Where have all the good girls gone?, the world’s largest online dating website for mutually beneficial relationships, reveals its list of the cities with the “least promiscuous” women in America, today. The website’s recent study on promiscuity found that most unmarried, American women have, on average, (59%) three sexual partners per year, with some cities reporting an average much lower than the national average.

Nashville tops the list of cities “Where the Good Girls Live” with 77% of Nashville women claiming to have only slept with one person or less annually.

Percentage of “Good Girls” who sleep with 1 person or less per year:

1. Nashville, TN (72%) 2. Columbus, OH (69%) 3. St. Louis, MO (68%) 4. Milwaukee, WI (66%) 5. Denver, CO (65%) 6. Norfolk, VA (63%) 7. Tampa, FL (62.5%) 8. Louisville, KY (61%) 9. Tacoma, WA (60%) 10. Charlotte, NC (59%) boasts over 1.7 million members worldwide, with over 850,000 sugar baby members in the U.S. alone. The dating website offers a free premium membership to college students, which make up 40% of their sugar baby membership.

“Everybody wants the elusive girl-next-door,” says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of “Our most coveted demographic I would say. Our study shows that there are still plenty of good girls around, you just have to look in the right place. Monogamy is not dead, it’s just harder to attain than it used to be, and cities like Nashville, Milwaukee, and St. Louis have small town values that promote lower rates of promiscuity.”

The survey of 10,000 members also found that some cities were far more promiscuous than the national average, with Miami leading the pack of cities with the least amount of “good girls”. All of the cities in the top five “most promiscuous” reported an average of five different sexual partners annually.

Percentage of Females Who Have Five or More Sexual Partners Annually:

1. Miami, FL (74%) 2. San Diego, CA (71%) 3. Chicago, IL (70% 4. Detroit, MI (69%) 5. Seattle, WA (68%)

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