What to write in introduction letter to the person you like

introduction letter We definitely can say that one of the problem dating services customers experience when sending their introduction letter “no reply” problem. You like someone and want to contact him or her but all your introduction letters are one-side delivered. You sent them but did not get any reply. This is a problem and you have to be prepared for such circumstances. Let’s find out the possible “no reply” reasons and solution on how to be more successful with your dating introduction letters.

Check partner’s ideal match
If your partner is looking for brunette and you’re blond why your date should be interested in you? If you like watching TV and eat popcorn and your partner likes sports and running. What common do you have in the future? Yes, you probably wrote great introduction letter but your personality is not what your date is seeking for. By replying to your introduction letter they show their interest to your person and possible relationship later. Not everyone can send negative reply. Some times people prefer to say nothing rather that say NO.

Study liked single dating profile before writing introduction letter. If you see that your partners’ interests and yours are not the same – write this in your first letter. Sometimes it helps especially when you emailing women. Write “I know that I am not your ideal match, but may I steal 1 minute of your life to draw your attention to my profile? Maybe I have a chance?” – This may help you to make your introduction letter more successful.

Write original introduction letter
Don’t be boring in your first introduction letter. Be more original: avoid phrases like “Hi, I liked your profile email me when you get a chance”, “Hi, I’m Alex, I live there.. how are you?”, “Hi, honey. How are you”.

Write interesting, specific introduction letters to people. Keep your letters brief, just a sentence or two at first, to see if the interest is mutual. Use something from profile information page: interests, hobbies, children, spoken languages and other partner characteristics.

Change your photo
Get professional photo and post it on your dating profile. Your chances to stop being single will be 10 times higher. Your photo is your key to success in online dating. You can write great letter of yourself introduction but it would not work without good photo when we are talking about online dating.

Don’t send the same introduction letter
The easiest way is to create introduction letter and send the same text to all profiles you like. And usually it’s most popular way. But have you ever thought that your introduction letter may be bad written? What then? What if you sent one hundred bad introduction letters? Right, over 100 letters will stay non-replied.

Write at least 3 short letters of introduction in different styles. Track the each one success. Learn what style of introduction letters works better.

Don’t write biography in first letter
Your introduction letter main aim is to hook that single you like. If you will send boring story of your life your email will appear in the “Boring emails” folder.

It is recommended to write in your introduction letter few sentences about you and some sentences with complements to your partner and what do you like in his/her profile or photo. Don’t lay your cards on the table too early by saying all about you in first letter.

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