Where are they – the best singles for online dating?

Singles all over the world are using online dating sites for searching their perfect matches. But whether you know what cities have the greatest number of users searching for their dear ones on the Internet? Here is the statistics of the USA cities where online dating is the most popular. So, where do the most active users of the online dating sites live? They were defined by the constant monitoring of members activity – the number of sent messages, “winks” and created new profiles.
The most playful city of all is Miami. New York is on the second place, then comes Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, San Diego, Phoenix, Boston and the last but not the least is Houston.

The level of the online dating activity was improved due to the smart phones. The inventions of numerous useful applications for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones increased the number of active members.
Mobile phones now are closer to personal computers. Within it you can watch movie, listen to music, find necessary information and get access to the Internet and social network. So why not to search for new friends, romantic dates and life-long partners via mobile phone?
The development of mobile technologies has raised online dating market on the new level. More and more users get access to these websites within their cell phones applications. Besides such members are two times more active than those who sign up to matchmaking websites only from their personal computers. So many dating sites adapt their services to mobile phones and made a real boom this summer. 
Miami is one of the most mobile-friendly cities and that moved it to the top the list. Miami attracts people of all nations and mostly all of them have new modern cell phones with the big number of mobile applications. The invention of the mobile apps have widen the online dating market and made it much dynamic.
Today you don’t have to sit at home in front of your computer and write all these long letters to a person you have never known and met. Online dating through mobile phones makes communication more realistic. Modern technologies give us more opportunities and we shouldn’t miss them.

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